Hello Hugo

Hello Hugo

After a chat about blogging systems and static site generators in the Gophers Slack I got to know Hugo. A static site generator written in Go.

While in the past I used Ghost to host my blog it only offers basic features that are also offered by (almost every) static site generator. Also my template was broken so I had the choice to fix that or give Hugo a try. Why should I keep using Ghost? A static site would be able to handle larger loads and is more secure. So brew install hugo it was. First impressions were great! Live previews are nice, writing my posts in my trusted VSCode was nice. Also Hugo seems to offer a wide rande of markup and config laguages but markdown was my love for some time already so I kept using that.

After playing with the template to match my previous site some more I started importing my posts. Since I didn’t have many posts I decided it might not be worth writing a script for so I did it by hand. Have I ever been so wrong…. Turns out somebody already wrote it… ghostToHugo

After all this wasted time my blog was ready to be published! Since it was static I can put it everywhere but I have had a Caddy webserver that was serving my blog just fine. So I went for the same webserver.

My modifications of my Ghost theme were already on GitHub so will be this blog! I will push updates to GitHub firtst which will then be deployed to my server by Travis.