Maartje Eyskens

Meanwhile in Git: Cast + DJ

At, we’re working hard. Developing new products and bringing you improvements to our current services. But sometimes I feel it’s not clear to everybody what we are doing currently on the development side of things. That’s why I’m running a new blog series to explain the things behind the scenes of our development. This series is called “Meanwhile in Git” as we use Git to work on our internal projects.

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Floating containers on an ARM mini cloud

Scaleway is a great idea. Using self-designed ARM hardware to host small applications on and being able to offer it at a price your Amazon instance can barely boot for. In fact I moved my blog to there and be able to run it on my dedicated supercharged Raspberry Pi like server and still have enough power left to play Angry Birds (if only that was possible). Their vision is to horizontal scale your apps over several small machines.

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